Alter Yourself Program

The Alter Yourself Program is for you if….

You are not only ready to grow and change, but you are ready to aspire in a certain area of your life.

You want to take a serious look at the things that are stopping you from living the life you truly want, and get very clear on what that life looks like for you.

You could benefit from gaining more strategies to get through difficult situations with peace and ease.

You want to walk away feeling like you want do better, be better, and you are better. 

Alter Yourself: 5 Fundamentals of Fulfillment is a workshop bursting with intense self-reflection, group interaction, positive peer support, and powerful exercises, insights, and strategies that will give you the awareness, perspective, direction, and drive you are seeking in life, love, and your work.

This workshop was founded on the premise that change begins with you and no one else, and that it must come from the inside out.  It focuses on core changes we can make (or values we may need to revisit) within ourselves to be able to conquer, with more ease and success, the challenges we all experience, often on a daily basis.

Alter Yourself covers a strategy that I use called the Alter Technique, which is a system of strategies that I believe to be the 5 fundamentals of fulfillment.  These fundamentals enable us to lead more meaningful and purposeful lives, both personally and professionally.

The Alter Technique was specifically designed to be simple and easy to remember in any difficult time or situation.  Each letter in ALTER corresponds to an action item that will help you get to a more secure, peaceful place and bring more joy and meaning to your life each and every day.

  • Awareness
  • Live in the Now
  • Think of Others                      …The Alter Technique
  • Empower Yourself
  • Rest

I am available to do this workshop for any group, business, or organization.  I believe it to be not only powerful for anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into themselves by looking at strategies to help them grow and change, but also beneficial for someone that may need a foundation or set of tools to help them become more confident in their decisions and who they are, and to become truly fulfilled in their life, career, and relationships.


  • Alter Your Finances Program now available…please see Coaching & Services Page

Coming soon…

  • Alter Your Biz

  • Alter Your Relationship


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