• Individual Personal Growth and Professional Development Coaching

  • Finance Coaching for Individuals and Couples

  • Workshops and Training

  • Program Development and Facilitation


1)  Individual Personal Growth and Professional Development Coaching



It is easier to start by stating what coaching is not.  Coaching is not counseling.  It is not about dwelling on or healing past issues.  It is not about giving advice or telling you what to do.  It is about dealing with right now and the place you want to get to.  Coaching is not consulting.  It is not about fixing a problem or me coming up with a solution for you.  It is about helping you delve deeper to create a fundamental shift in your perspective, thoughts, and beliefs.

Coaching is essentially a conversation about a problem you may have, a breakthrough you had, an insight or idea, a win, a loss, your fears, or a vision for your life that will empower you to achieve a new level of growth.  These conversations are abundant with meaning, intent, and ultimately transformation.

Coaching is an ever-evolving relationship that focuses on you; the coachee’s desire to grow and discover their core potential through a process of open dialogue, powerful questioning, identifying intent and purpose, and positive forward action, resulting in personal and professional growth for both parties beyond what they ever thought possible.


I work primarily with independent and service-based business professionals.  My ideal client is anyone with an absolute openness and willingness to grow and change, who are ready to do the work to take their career or personal life to the next level.

I help individuals work through times of change and transition, with time management, financial, and organizational issues, as well as work/life balance issues by partnering with them in discovering who they really are and where they want to be, holding them accountable to their values and goals, and giving them both the structure and support needed to aspire in all aspects of life.


By listening…really listening to you in a way that you are the most important person on the planet.  By motivation and inspiration.  By challenging you to raise your expectations of yourself.  By being with you and only you, 100%, in the moment.  By being direct and honest with you.  By holding your hand or holding you accountable, whichever you need.  By asking powerful questions, so that you may begin to see things from a different perspective and get down to the root of a problem.  And by being absolutely committed to your success.

***Confidentiality Clause***

Your identity and any information revealed between us during coaching sessions is confidential and cannot be released without your consent.  We will both be sharing intimate information that I too expect not to be shared.  I guarantee the confidentiality of information that you entrust to me.



Coaching helps you to:

  • Set better, more effective goals that can be achieved much faster with a coach.
  • Get through difficult times of change and transition with more clarity, feeling more secure, and less stress.
  • Build stronger, more meaningful relationships with your friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Gain more self-awareness and insight into yourself, and become more confident and clear in who you are and where you want to be.
  • Feel more in control and successful in your finances.
  • Become more fulfilled and empowered in your professional life.
  • Make better decisions based on your wants and needs; no one else’s.
  • Learn to live a more balanced, healthy, and meaningful life because you deserve it.


My coaching is conducted via phone.  My sessions are 50 minutes in length.  A client will call me for our scheduled sessions.  I am available for short calls and emails in between scheduled sessions free of charge.  Contact me for a complimentary session to learn more about how coaching works and to determine which coaching package works best for you.


2)  Alter Your Finances…Finance Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Do you really know where your money is going every month?
Do you hide purchases from your spouse?
Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck?
Do you know exactly how much debt you have and realize what a burden that it plays on you, your life, and relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then it is time to finally face your fears and the real truth about your finances.  And it starts with a budget.

That ‘budget’ word can scare people away, but in all actuality it is a plan to financial freedom or a strategy to take control and empower yourself when it comes to money.

I have found that people just avoid the financial subject all together because it causes too much stress and is just to difficult to manage.  Well it is not, but it does take discipline, know how, and a willingness to do the work up front for a lifetime of security, confidence, and abundance.

Together we will sit down and work out a budget of all your income and all your expenses from toiletries, to gas, to stamps, to life insurance.  We will then create a system unique to you that will get you on the right track of paying all your bills, finding money you didn’t know you had, setting up an emergency fund, and getting out of debt.

Listen to hear what a client has to say about Marne’s finance coaching…

After attending an ALTER Yourself workshop, I hired Marne to coach me and my husband through some financial stuff. We found that money worries were causing problems in our relationship, and I felt that Marne’s enthusiasm and experience could help put us on a path to paying down our debt. Marne was just the right person for the task as she kept us organized and even excited about paying off our debt. She was there for us whenever we needed her advice, and she kept us focused by using various tactics. Thanks to her we have a much better handle on our finances and feel confident and even get along better now in regards to money!
Blair Ogburn, Senior Naturalist and Education Coordinator, Balsam Mountain Trust



3) Training and Workshops

Alter Yourself: 5 Fundamentals of Fulfillment

This workshop focuses on core changes we can make (or values we may need to revisit) within ourselves to be able to conquer, with more ease and success, the challenges we all experience, often on a daily basis.  You will learn the 5 fundamentals that enable us to lead more meaningful and purposeful lives, both personally and professionally.

The Alter Technique was specifically designed to be simple and easy to remember in any difficult time or situation.  Each letter in ALTER corresponds to an action item that will help you get to a more secure, peaceful place and bring more joy and meaning to your life each and every day.


Live in the Now

Think of Others                      …The Alter Technique

Empower Yourself


I am available to do this workshop for any group, business, or organization.  I believe it to be not only powerful for anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into themselves by looking at strategies to help them grow and change, but also beneficial for someone that may need a foundation or set of tools to help them become confident in their decisions and who they are, and to become truly fulfilled in their life, career, and relationships.

Anti-bullying Trainings: 

Bullying comes down to how we treat people.  It is an ongoing issue that I have been following and researching for quite awhile now.  Bullying is also something I have become very passionate about since it is not only something my daughters experience as they navigate through life, but also happens around the world to all people.  Bullying is a serious issue that has to be stopped and can not be tolerated at any level or any age group.  I am invested in a culture where respect, compassion, empathy, positive communication, and healthy peer relationships are the norm, and should be role modeled for our children and all people.

I have customized and facilitated anti-bully programs for parents, students, staff, and teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as for organizations such as the Girl Scouts.  I am a member of a local high school anti-bullying committee and have helped facilitate their anti-bullying campaign.

I am available to come to talk to individual classes in schools, the workplace, or other organizations.  I tailor each program to meet the specific needs of who I am serving.  Contact me for more information regarding my Anti-bullying Trainings.


4) Program Development and Facilitation

With over 10 years experience facilitating classes, workshops, and seminars, I am available to facilitate existing programs for you, your business, or organization.  I am also available to develop and facilitate workshops on a wide variety of topics specific to your unique needs.



***Fees for workshops and trainings vary depending on the number of participants, travel, location, and amount of preparation and research needed to develop the program. 


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