What do Marne’s clients say?

Marne has a great way of listening, guiding and keeping you focused on your set path, while making you aware obstacles that arise are easily solved by understanding yourself and the roadblocks we all unconsciously create.  She has a refreshingly receptive way of working with you on self-discovery, to increase your confidence in reaching the set goals at hand.
Susan R. Cleveland, Interior Designer, LEED Accredited Professional

It is clear that Marne has a fundamental desire to help folks reach their full potential.  Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious!  I enjoyed attending this workshop with my girlfriend and felt I was actually doing something for myself by being there.
Lisa Allen, Jackson County Psychological Services

Marne challenged me to think about areas in my life that I may be neglecting.  I felt energized and refreshed after the workshop and ready to think on new levels.
Beth Denmon, North Carolina

Through Marne’s coaching, I was able to develop a plan to get out of debt.  She also motivated me to reach my goal of writing a book chapter which is now complete.
Mary Sanders, Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

As a result of Marne’s Alter Yourself workshop, I am grateful for the opportunity to begin looking inside myself and finding the real me, and realizing that there is quite a lot of work to do.  It’s a continual work in progress.
Brigitte Price, Accountant, Sylva Office Support

The Alter Yourself workshop gave me much needed time for self reflection.  I learned more how to live in the moment and take care of myself during challenging times of change.
Greta Metcalf, Quality Improvement and Training Director, Jackson County Psychological Services

Marne has a fresh, innovative method of teaching.  After attending many self improvement seminars over the last 25 years, it was a pleasant surprise to come out of Marne’s class with new insight.  So many times, I leave a self improvement course and think it is great as I walk out the door.  Then life happens and the training gets buried under regular life events.  With the training Marne offered, months later I regularly recall portions of the class and apply them to situations.  Thanks Marne!
Dale Cate, Fashion Director, Park Lane Jewelry

Marne is an amazing woman who has brought worlds of creativity and hope into my life.
Dana Russell, Jackson County Psychological Services, LPC

The Alter Yourself workshop really sums up and simplifies self-help work across a lot of areas, including Buddhist philosophy and hard research.
Danielle Maxon, Jackson County Psychological Services, P-LCSW

Marne teaches that we can have it all!
Mel Fergenbaum, MC Insights, Redirect Your life Experience

After attending an ALTER Yourself workshop, I hired Marne to coach me and my husband through some financial stuff.  We found that money worries were causing problems in our relationship, and I felt that Marne’s enthusiasm and experience could help put us on a path to paying down our debt.  Marne was just the right person for the task as she kept us organized and even excited about paying off our debt. She was there for us whenever we needed her advice, and she kept us focused by using various tactics.  Thanks to her we have a much better handle on our finances and feel confident and even get along better now in regards to money!
Blair Ogburn, Senior Naturalist and Education Coordinator, Balsam Mountain Trust

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