What We “Don’t Do” To Feel Better

What We "Don't Do" To Feel Better

Most of us have our list of things that we do to take care of ourselves or that make us feel better.  Do you ever think of the things you ‘don’t do’ that make you feel better?

For example, I don’t watch the news.  I try not to expose myself to all the mostly embellished and negative energy of the media.  I don’t talk on a cell phone while driving.  There is enough going on while driving a car that I don’t need to add any extra distractions.

I don’t do caffeine.  I don’t want to be a slave to it.  I don’t stay up past 11 pm.  If I don’t get enough sleep, my immune system weakens and I inevitably develop a short fuse.  I don’t assume I know things or people.  If I do, I’m usually wrong.

I don’t let people talk bad about my loved ones.  I don’t eat beef or pineapple.  I would throw up.  I don’t pay full price for clothes.  Rarely do I buy new ones.  I don’t lie, gossip, nor do I engage in or support violence….for obvious reasons.

My point is that it is just as important to recognize these things as taking care of ourselves.  By recognizing them we are not being negative.  Instead, we are intently aware of the ways we exercise our boundaries, of how we stand up for ourselves and what is right.

Have I strayed from the above?  Of course I have.  And almost always something negative happens.  But it is usually easy to pinpoint why.  And that in itself is very empowering.  And of course there are things I would like on my ‘don’t do’ list…like eating unhealthy foods, procrastination, and worrying.  But hey, nobody’s perfect.

It is so comforting to know that by doing or ‘not doing’ something, I have the power and control over what happens to me and how I feel about myself.  These are just a few examples on my list.  What’s on yours?  What do you ‘not do’ to feel good about yourself?

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